INCREDIBLY OVERDUE UPDATE!!! Feb. 10, 2013: Anyone checking this page recently has certainly been disappointed to find it largely abandoned. I've been posting updates to my life and career on my blog, and my facebook artist page -- and my poor old website has gone neglected. My apologies to those who've been frustrated looking for news here! To illustrate how far behind this "news" page is, I'll note that my daughter, Lara, just turned one year old a week ago! I've been drawing the Sunday Phantom strip for well over a year now -- and you can keep up with that and more on my blog and facebook page.

Upcoming convention appearances will include MidSouthCon in Memphis, Planet ComicCon here in Kansas City -- and a return to my old stomping grounds, the Twin Cities, for SpringCon. In the meantime, don't look for news here -- but follow my blog and my facebook page for the latest!

NEW ADVENTURE!: As of January 29, the art on the Sunday episodes of The Phantom newspaper strip will be by me! Paul Ryan will continue to draw the daily strip (as he has for a good many years now) -- but the Sundays are mine.

As a long-time fan of Lee Falk's "Ghost Who Walks," this is a dream assignment for me and I'm thrilled to join writer Tony DePaul and colorist Tom Smith in continuing this classic feature. I'll post links where you can see the strips once they start appearing.

I can't show you any of the Sunday strips yet -- but I can show you this quickly knocked out sample drawing I did, which caught the attention of King Features. I'm drawing the strip a little "grittier" than this -- and while that's a good looking wolf -- I must admit it doesn't quite look like Devil -- but I'll make sure he looks right when he next shows up in the strip.

My original Batman Adventures samples weren't quite on model, either -- but that didn't keep me from getting it right once I was on the books -- and I stuck with that for eleven years. I wonder how long I will draw The Phantom...?

In other news, I'm illustrating the next book in Max Allan Collins' "Jack and Maggie Starr" series for Hard Case Crime. Glenn Orbik has painted the cover -- but I'll be doing the same comic-style panel chapter headings as the previous series entries. More on that when we get close to publication.

Max and I are also hammering out the details of the Ms. Tree reprint series and new graphic novel slated to come from the new First Comics. This has been a long time coming and we want to make sure we do it right.

In personal news, we are a few weeks away from adding a new member to our family -- and you can be sure I'll announce the details here when baby arrives.

For now -- see you in the funny papers!


PERSONAL APPEARANCE: I'm a new addition to the guest list for this mini-con Sunday Nov. 6 10AM-4PM in Overland Park, KS. Stop by -- I'll have copies of RETURN TO PERDITION and the GREEN LANTERN model kit, along with art, comics, etc. Free admission!

RETURN TO PERDITION in print!: Yes, after over two years of work, the book is out! Ask for it at your local comic shop or order at

GREEN LANTERN model kit in hobby shops! The plastic model kit I designed and did the box illustration for is now in stock at most hobby shops and on-line hobby retailers.

INTERVIEW: Bill Nichols interviews me for Comic Related. Feel free to add a comment!

UPDATED COMMISSIONS PAGE: 9/29/11 Several recent commissions added including a Wild Dog cover recreation and a "fantasy cover" for the first Ms. Tree story. If anyone would like a commission to be hand delivered at FallCon, please contact me within a few days to get on my list. I'll give a $10.00 discount for those orders.

LONG LOST CARTOONIST FINALLY UPDATES HIS NEWS PAGE! Yes, I haven't posted here for ages. I've relocated from the Twin Cities to the Kansas City area, and have been crazy busy ever since. I have been regularly updating my blog and my facebook fan page, so you can always check those to see what I'm up to. I'm currently working on a batch of commissions -- and have room in my schedule for more -- so feel free to contact me for rates (contact link at bottom of this page). Here is a link to some recently completed pieces.

So -- what's new?
Return to Perdition hits store shelves in November -- but you can pre-order it at a hefty discount from amazon now. Max Collins and I will start work on a new Ms. Tree graphic novel within the next month or two -- as well as packaging the original series for book reprints -- all from the new First Comics. I plan to attend FallCon in the Twin Cities in October -- and on a personal note, my wife and I are expecting a new baby in February! I'll try to keep this page updated more often -- but for the day to day skinny, I'd suggest visiting the blog and facebook page.

Below is a little sneak peak at an action sequence from Return to Perdition -- shot from an advance uncorrected proof of the book. This is the sort of thing you'll find posted regularly on my blog and facebook page.

LONG-LOST COMIC BOOK ARTIST BULLPEN ISSUE NOW AVAILABLE! In 2003, Jon B. Cooke interviewed me for an issue of his CBA Bullpen magazine -- but it never saw print. A mock-up was done, though -- and now, thanks to Jon, I can share the entire 24 page magazine with you. It's full of unpublished and little-seen artwork and stories and info about my life and career. The whole thing is HERE. Please be patient while the page loads -- it's rather image heavy.


UPDATE: It's been too long since I've posted an update here. I've been very busy with work, and have paid more attention to my blog, and my facebook page than this website -- and I apologize for that. I should be keeping you all up to date with my current projects. The Adventures of Unemployed Man continues to get great press, and has been featured on CNN and in Mother Jones magazine and USA Today -- as well as more website reviews than I can count. Merchandise, including t-shirts and limited edition prints are availabe from

Bela Lugosi's Tales from the Grave is an unqualified hit -- garnering rave reviews from all corners of the internet. Many reviews have singled out the story by Martin Powell and me as one of the best in the book. Martin and I were thrilled with the color Tom Smith added to our tale -- and to be part of such a cool project.

I continue to create the covers for Scary Monsters magazine. Issue #77 was just published -- featuring a cover that pays homage to the vintage horror mag, Werewolves and Vampires. You can see the covers of both mags on my blog.

Perfect Crime Books has published new editions of Max Allan Collins' first five Quarry novels -- with new covers by me. You can find ordering information here.



NEW YORK COMIC CON! I'll be attending this show on Friday (Oct .8) -- and perhaps Saturday as well. I don't have table space, but will be walking the floor. You might find me hanging around the Hachette/Little Brown booth, promoting The Adventures of Unemployed Man -- or lurking about the DC booth, discussing the upcoming Return to Perdition. I'll have my DC bag with me -- full of original art -- so feel free to see if I have anything you'd like to purchase. See you there!

IN PRINT: 6/29/10: The latest issue of SCARY MONSTERS (#75) features another cover by me -- and a 3 page article/interview about my career, largely focusing on my SHOCK STORIES and URBAN LEGENDS trading card project. In addition, SCARY MONSTERS is offering an exclusive deal on the card sets, which otherwise must be purchased by the box from $19.98 per set ($39.96 for both) plus $6.10 shipping for the pair. Payment to: Dennis Druktenis Publishing and Mail Order Inc., 348 Jocelyn Place, Highwood IL 60040. Any questions -- contact Dennis at . Click on the image below to visit the official SCARY MONSTERS website.

NEW BATMAN ART LISTED 6/7/10: More pages listed. 6/3/10: See the comic art sale page for some major pieces offered for sale.

WEBPAGE UPDATE: 3/23/10: New artwork listed on both the comic art and illustration art sale pages.

PERSONAL APPEARANCE: 5/7/10: The 2-day SPRING-CON comic book show here in the Twin Cities is coming up soon -- May 15 and 16. I'll be there both days. Please stop by and say hello. There are plenty of other great comics guests -- you'll find a complete list on the MCBA website.

I continue to work on RETURN TO PERDITION -- but still have months of work left on the project. I'm close to finished with the art for my contribution to the first issue of BELA LUGOSI's TALES FROM THE GRAVE -- and am enjoying inking both Rick Veitch and long-time favorite Ramona Fradon (AQUAMAN, METAMORPHO, BRENDA STARR) on UNEMPLOYED MAN, a political satire graphic novel. There's a preview of the book up now -- with two pages of Veitch/Beatty art (with contributions from co-author/art director, Gan Golan) -- see pages 6 and 7 HERE.

WEBPAGE UPDATE: 3/21/2010: ILLUSTRATION ART sale page now up and running -- more art to be listed soon!

ON THE WEB: Podcast interview with me, as well as Gene Colan, Norm Breyfogle, Erik Larsen and more HERE. (Weblink fixed 3/3/10)

AVAILABLE SOON: A trade paperback collection of the first half-dozen issues of BATMAN: The Brave and The Bold will include one inked by me -- guest-starring the Big Red Cheese himself, Capt. (Shazam!) Marvel. To order a copy, go HERE. Dig this great cover illo by James Tucker.

WEBPAGE NEWS: 1/10/10: New original art sale page added. Batman and trading card originals offered -- more listed soon. Illustration art sale page to come.

1/07/10: After sitting dormant and out-of-date for several years, I have access to this website again, and am in the process of updating it. The email address that had been used here has been dead for some time. If you contacted me via this page before this January, I did not ignore your message – I never got it. Contact links are now updated -- please email me if you have any questions.

Please note – this issue of COMIC BOOK ARTIST BULLPEN devoted to Terry's life and career (listed here as available for far too long) was never published! It's a shame, as it was a good interview and featured lots of previously unseen art and photos – now too outdated to see print. If I can find the mock-up copy I have (buried somewhere in storage) I may post the thing on-line -- dated or not. If you ordered a copy, you should contact the publisher for a refund. Click on the pic for info.


RECENTLY PUBLISHED: URBAN LEGENDS and SHOCK STORIES trading cards by Monsterwax. Terry drew each of these fifty card sets, painted the wrapper illustrations, and drew (with the help of MCAD intern, Hannah Blumenreich) dozens of sketchcards. In addition to the standard sets, there is also a chase set of 3D versions of the SHOCK STORIES! See the monsterwax site for more info. Original art from the series is available directly from Terry -- email link at bottom of this page. See my trading card page for scans of the originals for two of my favorite (grisly!) cards as well as their printed versions. The cards were recently featured as the cover story for the long-running trading card collectors' zine, Non-Sport Update.

COMING SOON: Terry has signed on to draw a story for Bela Lugosi's TALES FROM THE GRAVE from Monsterverse. The creepy little tale is written by Martin Powell


IN THE WORKS: Max Allan Collins and Terry Beatty are working together again -- on RETURN TO PERDITION, a 180 page graphic novel for the Vertigo Crime line. This is a big project and won't see print for some time.

ON THE SHELVES: BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #11 with inks by Terry -- also look for the SUPER FRIENDS trade paperback with includes issue # 14, "Challenge of the Super Pets," with Terry inking pencils by Mike Kazeleh and Scott Shaw!