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HEY KIDS, COMICS! Illustration for COMICS SCENE magazine (198?). Mixed media on 14 x 14.5 illus. board. Shift in background color due to stitched scans, and is NOT on the original art. The models here are my nephews, Neil and Seth. Except for the GA Superman issue, all those comics were on display in this spinner rack that sat in my studio for years (I've since sold the more valuable ones). $475.00 ($10.00 shipping)

ORCHESTRATED MURDER book cover . Acrylic on 12 x 15.5 illus. board. $350.00 ($10.00 shipping)

Preliminary pencil sketch for Karloff SCARY MONSTERS cover -- on 11 x 17 tracing paper: $50.00 ($5.00 shipping)


Scary Monsters magazine cover art -- most are acrylic on illustration board.

$10.00 shipping each

Forrest J Ackerman tribute -- colored ink on bristol board 11x17 $250.00 ON HOLD

#59 Bert I. Gordon -- back cover images are a collage. $175.00

Dark Shadows $250.00

Gila Monster, Piedras Blancas, etc. $300.00

It Conquered the World $500.00 ON HOLD

Karloff Mummy (Rondo Award winner!) SOLD!

Death Race 2000, etc. $250.00

2006 Monster Memories Yearbook, Kong vs. T-Rex $300.00

#54 Kong portrait $400.00

House of Frankenstein, M.T. Graves $375.00

Karloff and Lugosi (pasted-up Sam Scare) $275.00

Monster Squad (game and portrait are paste-ups) $350.00

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