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Original artwork from the URBAN LEGENDS and SHOCK STORIES trading cards drawn by Terry Beatty

Urban Legends and Shock Stories wrapper paintings. Acrylic on illustration board. Image is approx. 5 3/4 by 7 1/2 on larger board.

Click pics for larger scans: $350.00 each

Individual cards shown below are all $50.00 each. Images are 5x7 inches, india ink on bristol board.

More originals to be added soon!

Shipping is an additional $7.00 per package.

Contact Terry to reserve art and for payment info.

Hippie Babysitter ------------------------Till Death Do Us Part ----------------------------Food Chain

Biological Barrier ------------------------ He Lost His Head --------------------- It Goes with the Territory

Torch for Teresa ---------------------------- Something to Wine About

Working Benefits ------ Bloodbath ------ Date with The Doctor (NSU promo) ----- Lunatic Eyeball Eater

Hide Nor Hair ------- Living Hell ------- Long, Long Distance ------ By The Light of the Moon

No News is Good News ---- Rent-Free Roomate (NSU promo)


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